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Celebrating Administrators and HR Week!

It is said that success starts from the top, and it is clear that the success of each of our affiliated facilities is a direct result of their leadership.
Our facility Administrators are asked to cultivate, support and champion success, while also leading by example. And, this week, we celebrate our Administrators, who act as mentors, innovators and innovators.

Our Administrators are advocates for their staff and residents, they operate with empathy and understanding, they push their teams as they strive for greatness, all without losing focus on our primary measure of success – quality care with excellent customer service.

Thank you to our facility Administrators for the passion that you bring to your role. We are so grateful to each and every one of you. Happy Administrators Week!
We also want to recognize our amazing Human Resources associates at the corporate home office, in the field and in our affiliated facilities. This week is HR Week as well, and we want you to know that we value and appreciate the impact you have on each of our associates!

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