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Statement from Fran Kirley, CEO and Meera Riner, COO Nexion Health

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Fran Kirley, CEO and Meera Riner, COOAs our nation turns its attention to the increased risks faced by our senior citizens and especially those in long term care and rehabilitation centers, we at Nexion Health wish to express our most sincere admiration and appreciation to all our employees, the healthcare workers who are nothing less than warriors on the front lines fighting the visible and invisible effects of this virus.

Our healthcare warriors have been challenged with stopping the spread of Covid-19 even while caring for those who may have contracted the virus. They are adapting to new and changing best practices, doing everything possible to keep residents, themselves and their co-workers safe. Their preventive efforts have included creating isolation units, screening other essential personnel, and limiting visitor access. We are seeing evidence of ever-greater success in their efforts.

But beyond preventive efforts, our healthcare warriors’ concerns for the comfort of our residents has been truly inspiring. Great stories of random acts of kindness have flowed liked rivers of hope throughout all our facilities. Responding to this pandemic has brought forth a spirit of love and care like few have ever experienced.

Here is just one story: A resident told one of our healthcare warriors she was worried about her feet being dirty because she had not been able to shower. Our warrior sat down on the spot and washed her feet. The resident said later it was the first solid night’s sleep she had in months.

We know however that more can and must be done to bring aid and assistance to our healthcare warriors and residents. We were glad to see our nation’s President and other leaders today acknowledge this need. We are hopeful that they now see the importance of supporting healthcare workers everywhere with the resources and testing they need to succeed in their mission. Personal protective equipment and broader access to testing will be key to achieving the best results going forward. We at Nexion will do everything we can to help movements in this direction.

We have hope and reason to believe the country is now focusing on the needs of nursing homes and that assistance is beginning to flow. We just want our healthcare warriors to know how much we appreciate their demonstrations of Nexion Care each and every day.

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