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Nexion Health Associates Support THCA in 2018 Committee Roles

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Nexion Health Associates Support THCA in 2018 Committee Roles

Nexion Health prides itself on being a leader in the long-term care industry in the states that we operate.  Our affiliates are very active in their state associations, including the Texas Health Care Association (THCA).  Meera Riner, Chief Operating Officer states, “To be a responsible and desirable operator in the states we serve, we believe it is necessary to dedicate talent and time to the specific long term care challenges unique to those states. Our residents and families reap the benefits from our commitment to support the Texas Health Care Association’s various committees that tackle reimbursement issues, quality agenda, political advocacy efforts and the overarching goal to elevate the public’s knowledge of the benefits and importance of long term care in their communities.”

We believe in the importance of a collaborative environment within health care.  With that said, we are thrilled that several members of the Nexion Health corporate team and our affiliates’ associates were announced as members of various THCA committees for 2018.  “I feel it is important to be involved in our State Association to advocate for Texas Seniors and our long term care community.  In addition, it’s important to continue to grow the membership of the Association and to provide educational and networking opportunities to our peers,” remarks Cindy Krull, Regional Director of Operations.

The committees that our associates will participate in span from advocacy to finance and policy, it is a year long commitment.  Don Sowell, Regional Director of Operations, and new Committee Chair of the THCA Regulatory Committee, says, “As the regulatory environment continues to present more challenges we need to remain involved.  Participation on the THCA Regulatory and Quality Committee allows me to help our industry influence regulations that are proposed and or implemented.  We want to ensure that changes made actually help improve the quality of life for the residents we serve.”

Congratulations to the following:

Advocacy Committee:

LaDelia “Cole” McKnight”, Regional Social Worker

Ly Tang, Administrator, Pleasant Valley Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center


Cindi Phillips, Vice President of Business Development

Data/Reimbursement (Payment for Services):

Donna Minton, Regional Financial Manager

Janet Johnston, RN/BSN, Vice President of Case Mix and Reimbursement

Karen Clark, Regional Financial Manager



Don Sowell, Regional Director of Operations

Janet Johnston, RN/BSN, Vice President of Case Mix and Reimbursement

Meera Riner, Chief Operating Officer



Don Sowell, Regional Director of Operations (Committee Chair)

Jami May, Director of Nursing, Ridgecrest Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Kendra King, Administrator, Duncanville Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center


Business Advisory:
Cindy Williams, Regional Director of Operations


Legal Advisory:

Brian Lee, General Counsel


Managed Care:

Ronda Marsh, Director of Community Relations

Shamon Kenerson Higginbotham, Claims and Appeals Specialist

Bylaws and Policy:
Tim Peimann, Administrator, Ridgecrest Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

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