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Miriam “Peaches” Clay – May “The Heart of Nexion” Recipient

Miriam “Peaches” Clay, Activity Director at Claiborne Healthcare Center, thrives on creating special, memorable experiences for the facility’s residents.

She is well known in the facility for going above and beyond in her contributions to the facility and the community.  In fact, Claiborne’s residents and staff actively participate in a number of programs, like Hat for the Homeless, where residents crochet hats and place personal necessities in them for local shelters.  Claiborne’s residents especially love participating in a program where the facility adopts a school class and follows them for the year, providing them with school supplies, Christmas gifts and much more.  The facility’s participation in these activities is all thanks to Peaches!

Within the facility itself, Peaches’ compassion and enthusiasm is unmatched.  She was instrumental in the purchase of 50 ipods for the residents as part of a Music and Memory-inspired program.  When a young resident informed Peaches that she had never been to prom, Peaches and her husband accompanied the resident to a special prom by a local organization.


Thank you to Peaches for making our residents feel special!  You truly are
“The Heart of Nexion.”


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