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Nexion Health Expands, Upgrades and Colocates New Facilities in Thibodaux, LA for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

THIBODAUX, LA (December 17, 2020) – Nexion Health, Inc., a leading skilled nursing operator serving the Southern region of the United States, is opening two new adjacent facilities which will serve people in the Thibodaux community and the Acadiana region with assisted living residencies and skilled nursing services.

Nexion Health will be moving and expanding its Thibodaux Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center for skilled nursing from 1300 Lafourche Drive to a new 59,003-square-foot facility at 150 Percy Brown Road.  The top-of-line facility features 68 private and 10 semi-private rooms with a private dining room, spacious activity room, and landscaped commons for outdoor activities. Residents are moving now and should be settled in just in time for the holiday season.

In addition, Nexion Health has completed its new Maison Bienvenue Assisted Living Center. The 36,329-square-foot building at 152 Percy Brown Road will be ready for guests in January. Maison Bienvenue will provide senior residents the fundamental sense of maintaining independence with access to help when needed.

“We are very excited to provide the Acadiana region with these new, top-of-line facilities,” said Fran Kirley, the chief executive officer and founder of Nexion Health, Inc. “They have been carefully designed with contemporary styling to deliver on our mission of providing patient-centered, culturally sensitive approaches for day-to-day care.”

Maison Bienvenue apartments offer several floor plans that enable residents to function comfortably within their capabilities. Each apartment has a kitchen area, living room and at least one full bathroom and bedroom. The Maison Bienvenue community will flourish through residents’ use of its private courtyard, a screened-in heated porch, spacious living areas and a private dining space for special events. A robust activities department will provide engaging and enriching opportunities for fun.

“Our wonderful staff in Thibodaux have demonstrated the heart of healthcare warriors during this challenging period,” said Meera Riner, chief operating officer of Nexion Health. “Building and locating these Thibodaux facilities adjacent to each other empowers the staffs to offer residents special, coordinated opportunities for living and care.”

The Thibodaux Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center is for those who require specialty health care, short-term rehabilitation or long-term medical care. Its state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym has been outfitted with the latest technology geared to maximize residents’ potential.

“The beauty and functionality of these buildings will play a big role in attracting and retaining the skilled staff required for the care of residents,” said Bradley Barbera, the administrator for the Thibodaux Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. “This is vitally important in the difficult circumstances of our times. Overcoming these challenges, for benefit of our residents, will be greatly aided by these buildings.”

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