Caring for the Whole Child

We are both a long-term care community for medically fragile children and a very special place uniquely suited for each and every child to call home. As such, our aim is to ensure we care for the whole child. We help foster social development, develop educational goals, and provide emotional and intellectual enrichment, while meeting their medical needs.
Girl smiles wearing her Elsa shirt


Our children range in both age and ability so we offer an array of activities that encourage play, laughter, and enrichment. Among our most popular are Music Mondays, where kids can listen, sing, dance, or play along.


We offer three platforms for learning, dependent upon the needs of each student: Gladewater Schools, in-facility classroom, or bedside tutors.


To help promote and maintain the highest quality of life possible, we create customized rehabilitation programs that are individually tailored to each child’s specific needs. Our therapists have extensive and diverse clinical expertise across a wide range of diagnoses, including wound care, and respiratory, neurologic, and orthopedic conditions. This enables our rehabilitation teams to offer specialized programs to meet the unique needs of medically fragile children.