My dad is a resident of Maison Jardin. We are very happy with the building, always clean when we enter, and the staff are very nice. Dad is receiving excellent personal care, and communication is great. I receive prompt call-back when I have a question.
Dale, Resident Family Member
My name is Helen Stephens; I've been at Maison Jardin for five years now. My apartment is very nice and I'm comfortable. I love to read; we have books everywhere. There are book stations and we have our own Library. The care I receive is very good, all of the staff are nice to me. All that I need is here. I enjoy the family atmosphere and I have made some great friends. This is my home.
Helen, Current Resident
Originally from Jennings, La., I moved into Maison Jardin to be close to my daughter and grandchildren. I definitely made the right choice. I have made new friends, also enjoy our activities. I'm a big bingo player, we played bingo in my family for years. My private apartment is nice. I am very happy with the nice ladies that give me personal care. They are wonderful. When I call with a question or if I need something, someone always helps as soon as possible. I made the right choice for me; Maison Jardin is my home.
Darrell , Current Resident
My mom was a resident with Maison Jardin, she was very happy with them. The facility is nice. I was always greeted at the front desk. Every time I came to visit someone was cleaning somewhere. Communication was wonderful. Mom would ask during the day if she could call us and the staff always allowed her to do so. No matter how many times. If we had a question, they always called us right back. Personal care was also wonderful for my mom. One day I walked in mom's apartment to visit and Danette (Executive Director) was in there just talking with mom. So yes, I believe mom received the best of care. They went over and beyond.
Pat, Former Resident Family Member
My mom is a resident of Maison Jardin, and she is very happy. When I enter the building, I am greeted by a nice staff, and always a clean environment. Personal care for mom is great. I love it! Communication has not been a problem. My questions are always answered.
Pete, Resident Family Member
I am very happy to call Maison Jardin our home. The staff are all very nice to me and my wife. If I need anything, I press my button and the young ladies come right away, even in the middle of the night. I feel safe here. Our apartment stays clean, they work really hard over here. Sometimes she cleans and it’s not even dirty. If I need anything else, they are very nice at the front office, all I do is let them know and they help me. We are so happy to be here. My wife needs more help than I do, as long as she is cared for, I'm a happy man.
Lorbert, Current Resident
Mom is very happy with Maison Jardin, this is her home. We like the private apartments, also very happy with a small facility. This is comforting. Sometimes a large facility can be overwhelming. Personal care is wonderful, staff goes above and beyond for the resident and also the resident's family members. They take great care of us all.
Mary, Resident Family Member
My mom was a resident with Maison Jardin, she loved it. The facility was great, very friendly staff and a clean environment. The personal care mom received was excellent. Communication was never a problem. When I left a message, I received a call back in a timely manner.
Donna, Former Resident Family Member