Rehabilitation Services

respiratory-careResidents on ventilators can look forward to participating in Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy, as ordered by the physician. Here are just a few experiences residents with a ventilator may expect from Meadowview’s Rehab department:

  • Residents can be transported with their ventilator to Meadowview’s rehab gym to participate in therapy.  This allows for social interaction and peer inspiration during their treatment.
  • Oxygen and supportive technology is available in the rehab gym. Therapists are highly trained to monitor effects of exercise on oxygen saturation and respirations.
  • In addition to therapy activities in the gym, residents are able to participate in community re-entry outings with therapists. This is made possible with our new portable backpack ventilators that weigh less than 10 pounds.
  • Residents with ventilators can participate in once weekly group activities in therapy, including: arts and crafts; modified sports and games; cooking activities and other cognitive activities.
  • The Speech Language Pathologist is certified in Vital Stim and Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation to facilitate safe and efficient swallowing for return to eating.
  • Our Physical and Occupational Therapists are ACP certified to provide a variety of modalities beneficial to the ventilation and tracheotomy resident.

Clinical Competencies

Ventilator competency is managed for nursing, respiratory and therapy staff through in-servicing by the vent manufacturer and peer review.

All staff on the Ventilator Dependant Unit are CPR certified.

Our Therapy Department utilizes pulse oximetry to manage rehab intensity and maximize outcomes in coordination with respiratory therapy during the weaning process.

Speech Language Pathologists are Vital Stim certified, a key component to rehabilitation, related to swallowing function.

Rehab Success

Our rehab successes involve patients of all ages. 18 to 90-year-old Ventilator Dependant Unit residents have achieved success in our program.  Rehab success is measured by resident’s outcomes from mainstreaming to a life on our long-term care unit, all the way to discharge to their home with community re-entry.

Our new 3,000 square foot rehab gymnasium will allow us to provide services beginning at the skilled nursing facility level through completion of outpatient services.

We are committed to continuity of care and the ability to follow a patient through the stages of recovery with the same therapy team to promote optimal progress.