Wound Care

Wound CareOur approach to and success with skin and wound care can be summed up this way: competence, confidence and continuous quality assurance. We strive to grow in knowledge and expertise daily while working to minimize the incidence of pressure ulcers and other skin conditions.

Residents who are part of our wound management program will have access to a team of professionals with specialized training and experience. Our Director of Nursing and physical therapy teams work with the resident’s primary care physician to put together an individualized care plan that best meets his or her needs.

Our facility provides residents and their caregivers with education on their disease process and provide them with a comprehensive plan of care for wound healing. Through an interdisciplinary approach supported by certified wound care specialists, our residents can achieve wound healing and the ability to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Our administrative nurses and physical therapists go through rigorous education and training on the current best practices for prevention and the healing of skin conditions.

Our facility takes pride in developing personalized plans of care with the goal of preventing the development of pressure ulcers and other skin conditions, as well as expediting the healing of existing wounds.

Our facility treats various types of wounds, including:

  • pressure ulcers
  • diabetic ulcers
  • venous stasis
  • non-healing wounds caused by: diabetes, surgery, poor circulation, pressure, bad veins, radiation, infection, burns, trauma, autoimmune disorder

Our staff aggressively assesses a resident’s skin and respond to changes in condition timely to ensure the plan of care is adequate for prevention and optimal wound healing.

An individualized plan of care is developed for each patient that will include:

  • history and physical evaluations
  • nutritional evaluation
  • wound evaluation
  • laboratory and other diagnostic evaluations

Our facility is supported by experienced and certified staff in the areas of skin and wound care, utilizing technology like Facetime and other conventional tools to expand access for real-time bedside consulting.

We utilize debridement and Doppler competent physical therapists for in-house advanced wound care services who are supported by a certified wound care specialist physical therapistfor consultation and competency validation.

Treatments include:

  • debridement
  • specialized dressings
  • nutrition therapy
  • negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)
  • jetox lavage

Our facility is supported by competent staff and vendors who supply state of the art prevention and wound healing modalities, advanced skin and wound care products, competency driven skills and client education.

Modalities offered include:

  • compression dressings
  • electrical stimulation
  • therapeutic support surfaces
  • therapeutic ultrasound
  • pulsed shortwave diathermy