Moving In

resident apartmentYou may find this information helpful in making the transition to your new home.

Forms you will need to complete and bring:

  • Physicians Orders form
  • medications currently prescribed
  • recent TB (Tuberculosis) shot documentation or chest X-ray results
  • CPR/Advanced Directives forms
  • copy of power of attorney or guardianship, if applicable
  • general information sheet
  • resident assessment to be completed with Maison Jardin nurse
  • move-in summary fee sheet
  • deposit check

Identification cards (we will copy and return the originals to you):

  • Driver’s License or photo I.D.
  • Social Security Card
  • Medicare Card
  • Medicaid Card
  • Any other medical insurance cards

Arrange 10 days before your move-in date, if possible:

  • Phone transfer with the telephone company
    • Call for set-up:
      • Allen’s T.V.: 985-384-8335
      • AT&T (for landline): 985-384-8370
  • Change of address with the post office
    • Newspaper delivery:
      • Daily Review: 985-384-8370

Bring with you:

  • furniture & mementos
  • clothing & clothes hangers
  • personal items, including grooming and bathroom supplies
  • kitchen utensils and other items
  • telephone and cords, if applicable
  • cable cord for T.V.
  • pictures and hangers
  • wheelchair or walker, if applicable
  • shower curtain, liner and rings
  • bath rugs (use caution, they are a tripping hazard)
  • laundry supplies
  • curtains with curtain rods and hardware (mini shades are provided)
  • linens, blankets, bedspreads and pillows