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In Loving Memory of Cindy Hamm and Michelle Josephs

In September and then in October, Nexion Health associates said good-bye to two wonderful women, Cindy Hamm and Michelle Josephs. More than simply colleagues, both Cindy and Michelle contributed over 10 years of their time contributing to the success of Nexion Health.

They were both leaders in their areas of specialty. Cindy was a guiding light to employees as Regional Director of Human Resources. She was known in and out of the facilities for being a shoulder to lean on and a trusted friend.

As Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Michelle was thoughtful and steady with a competitive streak that drove her to success. Her warmth and generosity has left a mark on those that she touched.

We are all fortunate to have been impacted by Cindy and Michelle’s lives in one way or another. With that, we are proud to celebrate them both and the legacies that they have left behind.

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