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Lameka Sophus – March “The Heart of Nexion” Recipient

Lameka Sophus, CNA at New Iberia Manor North, seems to have an internal antenna when it comes to the residents.  Her close attention to detail helps her to detect extremely subtle changes in their moods and behaviors that have proved invaluable in preventing
re-hospitalizations.  Additionally, the residents will tell you that she knows their likes and dislikes and makes it a priority to honor each one.  She is aware of things that might seem simple but aren’t when it comes to the resident’s quality of life, like which blood pressure cuff they prefer and how they like their pillows arranged.  It’s that attention to detail that has made Lameka a cherished member of the facility’s care team for both the residents and staff.

Lameka was honored by Louisiana Enhancing Aging with Dignity Through Empowerment and Respect (LEADER) with an Outstanding Service Award at their 9th Annual Summit in March.  There is no doubt in our mind that Lameka truly deserved this recognition and this month’s “The Heart of Nexion” award.