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Kendra King Wins Texas Health Care Association Administrator of the Year Award!

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Friday, January 5th

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Kendra King Receives Outstanding Administrator Award from the Texas Health Care Association

Duncanville, TX – In November 2017, at the Texas Health Care Association (THCA) 67th Annual Convention & Trade Show- Houston, TX, employees from member long-term care facilities were honored for going above and beyond in the industry. Recipients included Directors of Nursing, Nurses, CNAs and more. Kendra King, Administrator at Duncanville Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, a Nexion Health affiliate, received the honor of Outstanding Administrator. This honor is awarded annually to an Administrator that has demonstrated outstanding efforts for their facility, residents and staff.

With over eight years of experience in the healthcare industry, Kendra recognizes the importance of continued growth. In fact, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Health Services with a focus in Healthcare Administration. “She has demonstrated her ability to lead in several areas of her career and continues to strive for improvement on a daily basis,” remarks L. Cole McKnight, Nexion Health’s Regional Director of Social Services. With a Masters degree in Healthcare Management from Dallas Baptist University, Kendra started her journey at Duncanville in 2014 as the Administrator-in-Training. After acting as Administrator at other Nexion Health affiliated facilities, Kendra returned “home” to Duncanville in December 2016.

Upon her return, she dove headfirst into setting goals and high standards for her staff to reach, while working right alongside them. “Kendra can be seen out on the floor getting to know her residents, staff and family members. She exhibits an open door policy and can be found in the facility at all hours of the day or night, week days or weekends,” says Cindy Krull, Texas Regional Director of Operations for Nexion Health.

Kendra’s focus at the facility is to provide quality of care and life for the residents, while also working closely with her staff to have a positive morale and low turnover. “She always includes residents and staff in the day to day running of the facility. In doing this, the residents and staff have a voice, no matter how small the issue,” states Gwen Rubbell, facility Director of Nursing. Her focus supports her goal of making the facility a great place to live and work. Kendra says, “I believe my purpose is to create a peaceful and trustworthy environment for residents, staff, families, vendors and friends.”

Kendra’s impact on the residents and staff at Duncanville is clear. Anabel Sanchez, HR/Payroll Coordinator, says, “I have worked with Kendra for over a year and have witnessed her passion and dedication to the facility as a whole.” As the THCA Outstanding Administrator of 2017, Kendra has received the recognition that she so deserves.

In addition to her work at the facility, Kendra also serves on the Regulatory Committee through the THCA and is on the Long-term Care Advisory committee board for future administrators at Tarrant County College. She also is a volunteer with Meals on Wheels and is an active member of the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce.

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