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Jaya Chandru – August “The Heart of Nexion”

Jaya Chandru, Social Worker at Green Valley Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center is a champion for resident’s rights.

She has encyclopedic knowledge of the facility’s residents and families, equipping her with the tools necessary to follow up with residents and/or their families to address every grievance that comes her way. In fact, she’s been known to expedite a discharge plan in five minutes because the resident’s family had an emergency but needed the resident home.

Needless to say, Jaya’s role requires a ton of energy, which she has lots of! She does not rest until her work is complete, but still manages to be a calm, steady influence on everyone who comes into contact with her.

There is no doubt that Jaya is not only one of the “hearts” of Green Valley, she is also the “Heart of Nexion.”

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