Respiratory Care

Select Nexion affiliated facilities offer respiratory care. Led by an experienced staff that includes nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, speech language pathologists, dietitians and social workers – the team establishes a comprehensive treatment plan intended to restore the patient to the fullest cardiopulmonary functional potential possible.

For patients with a tracheostomy, select affiliates offer a Transitional Respiratory Care Program dedicated to the weaning process, the goal being to ultimately remove the artificial airway and return the normal act of breathing and eating back to the patient.

For those patients with COPD returning home, our affiliated facilities focus on providing the patient and their family the education and training necessary to ensure a safe return to the home environment, with the highest level of independence being achieved prior to discharge.

Program Key Components:

  • high flow oxygen– up to 50% F1O2 for patients with high oxygen demand
  • airway management– successful removal of the artificial airway
  • dedicated physicians
  • respiratory therapist available
  • full rehabilitation department with physical, occupational and speech therapist
  • dietitians

Additionally, Meadowview Health and Rehab Center in Minden, LA, offers a ventilator-dependent unit. The unit is staffed with 24-hour licensed respiratory therapists, as well as, 24-hour licensed and certified nursing staff, specifically trained in the care of ventilator-dependent and tracheostomy residents. Meadowview Health and Rehab Center offers one of the few aggressive ventilator and tracheostomy weaning programs in the tri-state area in long-term care.

Truman W. Smith Children’s Care Center in Longview, TX, serves the long-term needs of the medically fragile and complex pediatric and adolescent population.  This facility offers 24-hour respiratory therapy services, piped medical gasses and in-wall suction units and ventilator and trach care.