Individualized Care

Nexion Neighbor

The Nexion Neighbor Program was created with a goal of meeting our residents’ needs in the best way possible. This includes, but is not limited to, being cared for in a clean, caring, comfortable environment and having a positive experience while residing in one of our homes.

To carry this out, we work to connect a staff member with each resident. The staff member is then given the honor of providing extra attention and support to his or her Nexion Neighbor. Sometimes our residents just want someone to listen or to hold a hand. No matter how basic or comprehensive, the Nexion Neighbor Program is a valuable component of our individualized care plans.

White Dove

The White Dove Program is part of Nexion’s Death and Dying with Dignity Initiative. The program was designed to honor residents and provide compassionate care and counseling for families as death approaches.  Our residents are our family and it’s important to our affiliates to show them the same respect in death as in life.  Our affiliates provide residents and families with a warm, comfortable environment to say good bye to their loved one as they go on hospice care. Additionally, our affiliates’ staff pay tribute and say good-bye to our deceased residents as they are escorted out of our home for the last time.

Music & Memory

Select facilities offer the Music and Memory Program as a tool to enrich resident’s lives, especially in the area of memory care. Our affiliates work closely with Music and Memory, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing personalized music into the lives of our residents with the goal of improving their quality of life.

Our affiliates’ staff is trained to set up personalized music playlists, delivered on iPods and other digital devices, for those in their care. These musical favorites tap into memories and can help enable residents to socialize and be present in the moment.

There are many benefits to participating in the Music and Memories program:

  • Offers an enjoyable, fulfilling activity for residents in dialysis, on vent or bed-bound
  • Increases cooperation and attention while reducing resistance to care
  • Reduces agitation and sundowning
  • Enhances engagement and socialization
  • Provides a valuable tool when reducing reliance on anti-psychotic medications

Read more about this great program here.

Holistic Treatment

Select Nexion affiliated facilities provide Reiki, massage and other services by trained professionals to provide holistic treatments to residents.

These treatments may include:

Reiki – this includes either individual Reiki sessions or group Reiki relaxation.  Reiki is a technique that is widely recognized among diverse populations.  It’s gentle and non-invasive, requiring no touch or very light touch.  Those who participate will note stress and pain reduction.  Individual Reiki sessions are offered in 20 – 30 minute increments.  Group Reiki sessions are sixty minutes.  Both are offered to all residents at select facilities.

Bowen – this is a “light touch body work technique” that targets specific areas of physical pain, that can include joints, back, headaches, digestive distress, respiratory difficulties and wounds.  Other benefits may include trauma recovery, fall recovery and prevention and calm agitation and shock.  This technique can be performed over the clothes with the recipient in any position, including seated or bedbound.  The effects of this technique are often immediate and long lasting.  Bowen is offered to all residents at select facilities.

Emotional Freedom Technique – this technique is performed for 5 to 45 minutes and entails light tapping with the fingertips on certain areas of the face, upper body and hands.  It can be administered at any time, under just about any circumstance in order to relive emotional upset, improve problem solving and relieve flashbacks.  It can be performed individually or as a group.  Emotional Freedom Technique is offered to all residents at select facilities.

Respite Care

We know that caring for a family member or friend is a labor of love, but sometimes you just may need a break. We offer peace of mind during your vacation knowing your loved one is well cared for. Our 24-hour, skilled nursing staff provides compassionate, quality care while managing medication, bathing and activities of daily living. Additionally, we have fun and stimulating activities with transportation to any local appointments.

Our rehabilitation team provides a free rehabilitation screening to identify any needs for physical, occupational or speech therapy.

Tuck-in Program

The Tuck-In Program represents the commitment and relationship that Nexion affiliates have with our residents.  Our care for our residents does not end when they discharge from us.  With this program our affiliates maintain the line of communication after our short-term residents discharge home from our facility.

The Tuck-in Program is a follow-up program for managing the patients’ safe transition to home, and for ongoing communication with other care providers during the 60-day period following discharge from the facility.  This does not replace the caregiver but provides a link to others who can support a patient’s progress after discharge, like the primary care physician, home care agency care manager and pharmacy.