Alzheimer’s / Memory Care

Nexion affiliated facilities pride themselves on creating a functional and tranquil environment that meets the various needs of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Nexion Health affiliates continuously work to provide in depth training and education to our staff, referral sources and community members on dementia care. Nexion provides on-site trainings using the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Caregiving as well as Second Wind Dreams’ Virtual Dementia Tours. We have invested in certified trainers to ensure that our affiliates have the tools and skills to optimally care for our residents who suffer from Dementia and other related diagnoses, like Alzheimers.

All Nexion facilities receive this training but some specialize in this care with secured or dedicated memory units.

Select Nexion affiliated facilities offer a Snoezelen Room as part of their Memory Care program. Snoezelen (pronounced SNOOZE-len) is a form of therapy that offers sensory stimulation and relaxation to people who may get little of either. Snoezelen comes from a Dutch word that means “sniff and doze”. Snoezelen can aid learning/development, help to relax an agitated person or stimulate and raise alertness levels of someone who has sensory processing disorders.

The Snoezelen Rooms at our affiliated facilities include soft lighting, cozy furniture, soothing music, aroma therapy, visual displays such as lights, images, bubbles, soft fabrics and stuffed animals. This is a great place to spend quality time engaging in sensory experiences with a resident.

We know that Alzheimer’s and Dementia are diseases that affect the whole family. Our Respite Care program offers short-term care to individuals so that caregivers have time to attend to their own needs.