AHCA Quality Award Program

Nexion Health is proud to have numerous affiliates recognized by the AmGroup photoerican Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living as recipients of their Bronze and Silver Commitment to Quality Awards. The program honors facilities across the nation that have demonstrated their commitment to improving quality care for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Implemented by AHCA/NCAL in 1996, the National Quality Award Program is centered on the core values and criteria of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. The program assists providers of long-term and post-acute care services in achieving their performance excellence goals.

The program has three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Facilities begin the quality improvement process at the Bronze level, where they develop an organizational profile with essential performance elements such as vision and mission statements and an assessment of customers’ expectations. Facilities must receive an award at each level before proceeding to the next. Recipients of the Silver Achievement in Quality Award demonstrate systematic advancements in quality, plans for continual improvement, and sustainable organizational goals.  Gold applicants address the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in Health Care in their entirety and must show superior performance in  the criteria including leadership, strategic planning, and customer and staff satisfaction.   

The awards are sponsored by AHCA/NCAL Associate Business Members, My InnerView, National Research Corporation and Team TSI Corporation. 

As of 2017, Nexion Health is proud to have 12 Silver winners and 12 Bronze Achievement in Quality Award winners.

Pictured: Nexion Health affiliates, New Iberia Manor North, received the Silver Achievement in Quality Award in 2017.


Deficiency Free Surveys

As of September 2018, Nexion Health has had 1 affiliate receive a deficiency-free survey and 2 receive a clinically deficiency-free survey. In 2017, Nexion Health had 4 affiliates receive a deficiency-free annual survey and 3 additional affiliates that received a clinically deficiency-free annual survey.  

A deficiency free survey means that all services provided at the facility meet or exceed state and federal standards. Nursing facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid are required by federal law to undergo an annual survey and certification process by their state health department. Facilities must be in substantial compliance with Medicare and Medicaid requirements, as well as state law.

Our affiliates are regulated by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Annually, a survey team comes to the building to evaluate our services. They stay for several days, observing our staff and checking records. This intense review of performance helps the surveyors to determine compliance with regulations regarding quality of care, residents’ rights and quality of services.

Nursing facility regulations require each facility to have its latest survey results readily available for review. The survey assesses whether the care, as intended by the law and regulations and as needed by the resident, is being provided in the nursing facility.

Pictured: Many Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center received a deficiency-free survey from the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals in 2018.

LNHA & THCA Associate Recognition

Every year, the Louisiana Nursing Home Association (LNHA) and the Texas Health Care Association (THCA) recognize long-term care employees at member facilities who have gone above and beyond in providing excellent, compassionate care and support.

We are proud that associates from several affiliated facilities were honored at the LNHA and THCA 2017 conferences, including Kendra King, THCA Administrator of the Year 2017!

Louisiana Nursing Home Association:

Texas Health Care Association:

Molina Quality Living Program

14095893_1834445996778933_5402417392133607347_nMolina Healthcare of Texas offers the Molina Quality Living Program (MQL Program) to reward quality and efficiency for skilled nursing facilities that meet or exceed specific performance criteria in the provision of residential/custodial nursing facility care to Molina members. Based on the level of quality provided to Texas residents, Molina will invite facilities to participate and benefit from the program features offered by Molina Healthcare of Texas.

Quarterly, Molina Healthcare of Texas rewards participating facilities that have achieved 4 or more stars and have achieved standard or above in Molina’s quality benchmark measures. Texas affiliates participating in the program are eligible every quarter. In 2017, a number of Nexion Health affiliates were recognized by Molina for their “Achievements in Quality Care.”

Pictured: McKinney Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center was recognized for their “Achievements in Quality Care” during the 1st & 2nd Quarters of 2017.