Quality of Care Directly Equates to Quality of Life

At Nexion, we understand the stigma surrounding nursing homes and have heard the disturbing stories of neglect, especially among older adults. In sharp contrast to these stories, Nexion staff strive to provide residents with quality care and thereby a satisfying quality of life, with our warm, positive culture, structured programs, modalities, and advanced rehabilitation equipment.  Unlike other facilities, our on-site capabilities reduce the risk of resident injury because we don’t have to transport residents elsewhere. This is a key factor when considering a facility like ours because statistics show a large number of injuries could have been avoided if the resident could have forgone being transported out.

Short-Term Care

Nexion Health campuses offer 24-hour Skilled Care, specializing in a variety of services for patients who need short-term care, including Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy. Our caring staff helps to ensure a smooth transition from surgery to recovery. Many of our campuses offer respite and hospice care. We are happy to speak with you about your short-term care needs and how we can accommodate you.

Long-Term Care

At Nexion Health campuses, we provide our residents a place to call home. Our campuses strive to exceed the expectations of the residents, families and medical professionals we serve. We provide effective treatment to our residents while motivating them to participate in daily activities. To better serve our residents we offer a progressive approach to treatment that combines resident and family education, collaboration with primary physicians and individualized treatment plans.

Rehabilitation Services

Nexion Health campuses offer rehabilitation services designed to meet various levels of clinical complexity to maximize your treatment potential. We offer Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy along with evaluations & individualized rehabilitation programs for various medical conditions. Rehab success is measured by residents’ outcomes from mainstreaming to a life on our long-term care unit, all the way to discharge to their home with community re-entry.

Nexion Neighbor Program

The Nexion Neighbor Program was created with a goal of meeting our residents’ needs in the best way possible.  This includes but is not limited to being cared for in a clean, caring and comfortable environment and having a positive experience while residing at one of our homes.

To carry this out, we work to connect a staff members with each resident.  The staff member is then charged with the responsibility to provide extra attention and support.  Sometimes our residents just want someone to listen or to hold their hand.  No matter how basic or comprehensive, the Nexion Neighbor Program is a valuable initiative that keeps our philosophy not just in theory, but in practice.

"Knowledge of each patient is one of Nexion's biggest strengths. Their caregivers know off the top of their head and don't have to go look in a book to recall details about each resident. No one likes to have their family member in a nursing home but Nexion's campuses are clean and they take good care of their residents."